About me

I have a degree in acting and directing by the Theatre and Film School (ESTC) in Lisbon and also took the Pedagogical Skills Certificate by the CCP (CAP).

I have continued my training in both in Portugal and abroad with artists such as Lucca Apprea, Sidsel Pepe, Catherine Dasté, Norbert Aboudarham. As an actress I experienced performance, cinema, video, but mostly theatre. In 2000 I began to complement my artistic training with dance. I have learned Oriental Dance with Prisca Diedrich and complemented it with some influences of flamenco, contemporary dance and classical Indian dance. I have since worked as a performer, producer and stage director.

In 2005 I attended the Dance in the Community course, by Forum Dança taught by Madalena Victorino, Madalena Wallenstein, Giacomo Scalissi, Filipa Francisco, Ana Mira, Paula Castro, Manuela Pedroso, Silvia Real, among others, which opened my horizons to the possibility of working with different age groups, special needs students and using the performing arts as a vehicle for education, political awareness and change. Since 2005, I am dedicated to this role of art in the community in collaboration with the Dansul Company in Mértola, contributing as a teacher and performer.

I currently teach oriental dance and theatre classes all over the country but mainly in Lisbon. I am a CID member for UNESCO in the field of dance.

Motherhood made me aware of the role of art in the development of children, especially in very early childhood. Thus, I co-founded the performing arts group for babies STAGE OF CRUMBS where I work as a performer and stage director.

Becoming a doula turned out to be a continuation of my journey and my discovery on how Art and Motherhood have a lot in common. Like Art, Childbirth and Pregnancy are undervalued and unprotected territories in today´s fast paced and profit driven society. I trained as a birth and postnatal Doula in the UK with the organization Nurturing Birth. Since then I have been privileged to accompany several families in one of the most important time of their lives: welcoming a new member of the family.

In 2014 I co-founded the Portuguese Association for Women’s Rights in Pregnancy and Childbirth, a non-profit organization aimed at protecting women’s rights during pregnancy and childbirth by promoting respect for human rights.