Letter to a mama giving birth in a global pandemic

“What will I tell my daughter”, you asked me, “when she asks about how she was born?” Very few people ever imagined they would be giving birth during a global pandemic. Where hospital protocols and medical appointments are a blur of newly released and ever-changing information, and restrictive policies seem to take the dreams that […]

Children at the birth?

The arrival of a little brother or sister is a very significant event in a child’s life. Ever since childbirth has become a medicalized and “hidden” event for the vast majority of people, the possibility of being able to witness or support the arrival of a brother or sister is practically non existent. The baby […]

You are invited….to my birth

When for example, we are invited to a dinner party at someone else´s house, consciously or unconsciously, we expect to hear from the host on where we are to sit, if we need to bring anything, if we can help in any way, etc. There are many invisibly established social codes about how a host […]

Obstetric Violence in the Age of Plastics

Someone gave my youngest son one of those individual banana cases, in bright yellow plastic. My immediate thought was “it sure is going to be hard to find bananas that will fit perfectly inside this thing”. The banana in question would have to be the exact length, width, have the exact curvature as the little […]