Relax your belly. Take off your high heels. Forget everything you have been told about your posture.

In these classes, we will learn the Oriental Dance techniques and their History. We work without a mirror. Learning (only) techniques is not all that matters. Before the student can see herself form the outside, she must feel the dance movements, and what effect they have on her body, from the inside. We will learn choreographed routines, but also improvise, as more important that imitating a formula or the movements of a teacher, it´s important that the student discovers her own style, and what appeals to her. We value the journey to the dance and not just the end result.

Each student works at their own pace and the classes are prepared in order to include the various levels of the group, in a fun and supportive environment.

I love to see a more advanced student to explain, or exemplify to a rookie the right way to do a movement, or part of the choreography, acknowledging that she was also a beginner once.

We work with several accessories that fit into the world of oriental dance in particular: the veil, candles, saggats, tambourines and batons.

More than a mere imitator I wish for my students to be creators, artists with their own styles, wills and paths.