As an artist I always preferred my own interpretation of what I had learned and trying to reinvent it, adapt it and express it in different ways. I have directed and starred in the following productions: “Mothers, Warriors, Lovers and other everyday deities”, “In the Light of the Veil”, “Brides of Persia” and “Portuguese Moorish Legends”, presented in various festivals all over Portugal since 2003.  The physical language in which my work unfolds, is essentially Oriental Dance, a form of ancient dance, whose origins date back to ancient fertility rites of matriarchal societies. However, these are not merely “belly dance” shows. As an artist, I feel the constant and frequent need to innovate, reinvent, complete, and address other art forms. I believe in the fusion of different languages, and breaking free from the restraints that associate this dance with a form of entertainment for the pleasure of men.

Since this is essentially a feminine art, it is always my intention to celebrate that femininity, in its many seasons, shapes and forms.