The ideal birth is one where the woman felt she was respected. Where she was heard and consulted every step of the way. It´s not so much how far the birth diverged from her birth plan. It´s about her feeling in control, owning her birth, aware of her choices, loved and surrounded by those she wanted with her. That is an ideal birth. Regardless of the context.

My work as a birth doula includes: regular visits so that we get to know each other and build a relationship of trust; massage techniques and movements to learn as a couple and individually; accompanying you to appointments or exams if you so wish; support in the preparation of your birth preferences plan; support in gathering information and data on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting; supporting other siblings, being there with you at the birth and two postnatal visits. I am also always available by phone and from 38 weeks onwards I start my “on-call” period, meaning I am ready (and always checking my mobile) to come to you, if you go into labour.