The postnatal period is the most neglected phase of motherhood both culturally and in health care. It is just as important to plan for it as it is for pregnancy and birth. It is a crucial phase for women. The doula can be the key to a smooth and happy transition for the whole family in welcoming the new member. She can provide support in establishing breastfeeding, helping the woman debrief and come to terms with the birth experience (whether it was happy or not) and to address the symptoms and fatigue that a postpartum can bring. After the birth everyone asks about the baby, come to visit the baby, bring gifts to the baby. The woman, as “former pregnant lady” is often in the background at a very vulnerable time. It is important to continue to support the new mother.

My work as a postnatal doula includes: practical and emotional support for the family in general and the new mother in particular according to their individual needs. The aim is to make life with the new baby as smooth as possible. Helping with minor housekeeping tasks, meals, breastfeeding, other siblings, emotional support in debriefing the birth experience, recovery massage for mother and baby.