– Regular classes of intuitive oriental dance. We´ll learn techniques of Oriental Dance contextualized in time and in History, how to be creative and improvise. What story does your body tell?

– Regular classes of creative oriental dance for children. Oriental Dance can be taught in a fun and experimental way. Here we´ll explore concepts like speed, slow motion, depth, theatricality of the movement. For imaginative little girls. Saturdays from 11am to 12pm.

– Birth Dance – Movement for low-risk pregnant women from 14 weeks onwards. Relief of the main symptoms of pregnancy and preparation of the body and mind for birth.

– Postpartum Movement – Movement for new mums, from the standpoint of postnatal recovery, and celebration of this new motherhood phase. Babies are more than welcome!

– Oriental Teens – Regular classes of oriental dance for teenagers. Techniques, History, improvisation and oriental dance choreographies. Adolescence can be challenging time for any young woman. In these classes, we work on self-esteem, disinhibition, cooperation and a healthy body image, saying goodbye to girlhood and discovering a new found sense of confidence, in a fun and relaxed environment.

– Creative Movement for Children – For energetic boys and girls. Here we explore what our bodies can do, the effect movement has in us, and create danceable stories.

– Mums and Daughters workshop – Every first Saturday of each month. For girls and their mothers of all ages. An opportunity for mothers and daughters to bond and do something together, have fun and dance. Who is the best person to teach your daughter about self-esteem and the secrets and wonders of being a woman? You!