Letter to a Mamma that´s passed her “due date”

So the “magical” date has passed. It´s come and gone and it seems nothing´s happening. And the next days have turned into another week and still nothing seems to be happening. You´re starting to wonder. Your doctor has mentioned the “I” word, the one you did not want to hear. And gracefully but surely, you have declined it. Friends and family call every day, ask the same question. And that question really stings. No, I haven´t had the baby yet! Yes, I am still pregnant.

Posts on social media on this subject are full of advice. Everyone seems to have that special fool proof recipe, method, advice that worked for them or someone they knew. Squat, dance, make love, eat spicy food, take this tea, these herbs, stimulate your breasts, etc, etc, the list goes on and on. And while well intentioned the message is clear and not that different from that of your doctor, midwife, whoever: something needs fixing.

I remember. I remember because I went through that. At 42 and a half weeks of heaviness, frustration and impatience, trying this and that. Yet only when my baby was ready did he come.

Let me tell you something nobody told you before: your body is not broken. Your baby is not “late”. Everything is just as it should be. Just let go. Go deep within yourself. Pray, meditate, take a walk, whatever works for you. Surrender. Be brave. Don´t give into other people´s impatience, it is theirs, leave it with them. Be you. Talk to your baby, find your quiet space, your special happy place, that peace of mind of someone preparing for something sacred. All is well. Deep inside you, micro, subtle things are happening. Every day you get a little closer. It´s already started.

Today I will not dwell on statistics, scientific evidence or the risks of an Induction. You already know all of these facts. (Though we can revisit them if you feel it might help, here, here and here.) All is well health wise, that you already know, and have been reassured about. The best thing you can do for you and your baby is to wait. Respect your baby´s wisdom. Smile at your baby´s timing.

Know that it can all change in a second and it will. It will happen. Our knowledge, faith and belief in birth is tested many times. This is one of those times. Your body and your baby will choose just the right time. Trust your body, trust your baby. Your baby is healthy and safe and will come when he is ready. There is nothing you need to do, think, eat, drink, to make your labour start.

With love and respect,

Your Doula Sara.

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